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What do all these ADK Characters have in common?
All of them are featured in this great book:

Adirondack CharactersAdirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns
~ William J. O'Hern ~

Venture into the wilderness with French Louie and Alvah Dunning and learn about lesser known characters such as Old Lobb, the Piseco Lake Hermit and inventor of his own trout lure.Travel Cold River region traplines with E. J. Dailey and Dick Wood. Follow the wilderness traplines of Burt Conklin, "The Greatest Trapper" at the turn of the century. Meet old time guides, spruce gum pickers, timber men, and other characters from a time which will never return.

The book contains outstanding stories and articles -- some from publications over 100 years old -- about early life in the Adirondacks. Guides, hermits, trappers, and loggers. Learn about their tools, woodcraft, families, adventures and traditions. A treasure trove of Adirondack folklore illustrated with over 80 never before published period photographs. (Left: Burt Conklin) 

The book is organized into three parts:

Part I - Adirondack Characters

  • Great Adirondack Guides
  • Old Men of the Mountains (pictured right is Old Lobb, the hermit of Piseco Lake)
  • The Conklins of Wilmurt, a Pioneering North Woods Family

Part II - Adirondack Traditions

  • Frontier Occupations and Recreation
  • Sportsmen's Camps and Backwoods Destinations
  • The Rural One-Room School
  • A World of Beauty,  a Land of Recreation

Part III - Campfire Yarns

  • The Tales and Recollections of William J. O'Hern
    An introduction and six "campfire yarns." Tall tales inspired from the journals and anecdotes of the late Rev. A. L. Byron-Curtiss, a long-time resident of North Lake.

The book ends with profiles of the major contributors to the book: Lloyd Blankman, Mortimer Norton, Harvey L. Dunham, Rev. A. L. Byron-Curtiss and Thomas C. O'Donnell.

A bibliography and index are included.

This is a great read and a collectible gift.

Paperback $19.95 Order now

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Old Lobb, the hermit of Piseco Lake

Moonshiner Red Jack Conklin

Trapper Burt Conklin

Guide Slim Murdock


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